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Chattanooga Locksmth


When you’ve locked your keys in your car or you are locked out of your home or business, you want a cheap locksmith fast! There is nothing more frustrating than calling a locksmith and finding out he is busy programming a key for a vehicle outside the city limits.

Foxhound Locksmith is especially geared for 24 hour emergency locksmith services. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to downsize and get rid of that bulky work van in favor of turbo charged hatchback vehicles. Our locksmith service can get to you in a flash! This is why, despite being located in Ringgold, we are often faster than any other Chattanooga locksmith!

Locksmith Near Chattanooga

Foxhound Locksmith is based in Ringgold, GA, but don't let that fool you. We are still the fastest responding 24 hour locksmith near you. Our base is located just off i75 on the edge of Ringgold, putting us near the i24 split. We are a 24/7 locksmith service too. Currently all Chattanooga lock and key locksmiths are full service. We do not make ignition keys or specialty keys. This is by design. This decision eliminates the need for slow and bulky work vans that can slow our response times. No more long wait times and higher service call fees when it's after hours, weekend or holiday. When you're locked out of your car or locked out of your house, you don't want to wait over an hour as a technician finishes programming an ignition key for someone else. You want a cheap locksmith near you in Chattanooga fast!  

Our mobile locksmith service was built from the ground up to be quick, efficient,  and affordable. Our orange hatchback will be your first clue that we are different than the competition. Our signature color is orange, but we think green. Our service vehicles are smaller and more efficient, and our entire state of the art shop fits in our vehicles. This business model saves us several operating costs such as fuel and paying for a commercial property, and these savings are passed down to you. This is why we are able to offer an unrivaled Best Price Guarantee. We dare you to find a better price for any of your lock and key needs. If you do, we'll beat our competitor's price by 10% GUARANTEED! 

Foxhound Locksmith is also independently owned and operated. We are a 24 hour locksmith service and offer a wide array of both residential and commercial services.  Foxhound Locksmith is local and we are not affiliated with any locksmith referral services. When you call Foxhound Locksmith, you are speaking directly to the owner of the company, and he will be the locksmith who will personally come out to serve you. How's that for customer service?


Give us a call if you are locked out of your house or locked your keys in your car or truck. Need to change your door locks or need to rekey locks? We can do that too! And yes, we respond just as quickly to those calls too regardless or whether or not they're commercial or residential! Foxhound Locksmith is committed to providing professional locksmith services 24/7, and all of our work comes with a full 90 day warranty.

Best Chattanooga Locksmith

We don't claim to be the best; our customers do that! If you’ve done your homework, you are here because you have discovered we are the best rated locksmith within 30 miles! But, despite several testimonials related to our speed, craftsmanship and competitive pricing, why would folks in Chattanooga choose a locksmith service in Ringgold?

Foxhound Locksmith is situated just two exits away from the East Ridge exit, making us just as quick as any other Chattanooga locksmith. What’s more, our family owned locksmith service is insured up to $1 Million, offers a Price Match Guarantee, and backs all of its work with a full 90 day warranty covering both parts and labor. Do you know any other Chattanooga locksmith that can say all of that?   

Commercial Locksmith Serving Chattanooga

Commercial locksmith services require precision, experience and care. Don’t leave your business to a locksmith in training. Foxhound Locksmith is owner operated. That means you always know the locksmith that will come out to serve you. More importantly, you know the locksmith will be experienced and his craftsmanship will be of consistently high quality. 

Call Foxhound Locksmith if you are locked out of your business, need to rekey your commercial locks, or need to have new locks installed for your office. Commercial lock and key services are also provided 24/7 so you can schedule commercial lock projects outside of business hours. Call Foxhound Locksmith for all your commercial lock and key needs! 

Chattanooga's Premier Lock & Key Service

Whether you locked your keys in your car or you are locked out of your apartment, Foxhound Locksmith is available 24/7 and is typically faster than any other Chattanooga locksmith. What’s more, our full range of locksmith services are available 24 hours, so you can have a rekeying service done for your business at 1pm or 1am! 

Foxhound Locksmith is also family owned, fully insured, offers a Best Price Guarantee and a full 90 day warranty to cover any work we do for you! We’ve made this a no-brainer! Call Foxhound Locksmith! We don’t say we’re the best; our customers do that! 


Whether you're locked out of your car, truck, home or business, no one beats the Fox! 


Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services backed by our full 90 day warranty.


Save money! Keep your existing home or business locks, and we'll give you a new set of keys! 

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