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A rekey'd lock cylinder with a key.


Rekey Service

Residential & Commercial

A rekey is the process of changing the internal pin configuration of a door lock, so as to make a new set of keys work whilst denying access to any previously working key. 

Foxhound Locksmith is always on call to provide 24 hour rekey service.

Residential Rekey Service

Foxhound Locksmith has quickly become the first choice for residential rekey services by residents, landlords and property management companies within our service area. This is attributed to several factors discussed below. It is recommended that you rekey the locks of your home whenever you are either aware or unsure if someone else may have a copy of your house key(s). Whether you need to rekey a deadbolt, door knob or even a Smartkey lock for which you don't have the key, we have you covered! We work with all major lock brands including Kwikset, Schlage, and much more.  

Commercial  Rekey Service

Foxhound Locksmith provides a full array of industrial and commercial rekey services. We recommend businesses move forward with rekeying their locks whenever there is a personnel change  or keys are reported, lost to maintain the security of your establishment. We have an extensive knowledge base through experience working with several business types over the last several years. We work with a large array of lock types from the standard Adams Rite commercial door lock, mortise locks, Tel, Schlage, panic bars, Detex, Alarm Lock keypads, and more.  

Master Key / Master Rekey Locks

Master rekeying locks is the process of having several locks keyed differently whilst having one master key to unlock them all. There's a Lord of The Rings reference we should be making here, but we'll try our hardest to refrain from doing so. Master rekeying has benefits in both the residential and commercial space. For businesses, the need is clear - You want to limit employee access to certain rooms, offices or entire wings of a building while having an authoritative figure have the master key for the entire office space or building. In the residential space, you may want to keep the convenience of using just one key for all your door locks, while giving another key to a housekeeper, house sitter or repairman that will only unlock rooms you wish to grant them access to. 

24/7 Rekeying Service

Whether you are a home or business owner, there are occasions when a rekey service needs to be done after hours or on weekends. Foxhound Locksmith is unique in that we provide our full range of locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on holidays too! No one wants to leave themselves vulnerable to burglary or intrusion overnight. Your security is our #1 concern, which is why you will find that here at Foxhound Locksmith, we can provide same day emergency rekey services for your business or home door locks whether it's a Sunday evening or a Monday morning.  

Lock Repairs Included

Here at Foxhound Locksmith, we pride ourselves in being honest and fair with our customers. So, let's be honest here... When you have a locksmith rekey your door locks, they are going to have to disassemble the lock in order to reconfigure the pins in your lock. We simply don't believe that you should have to pay for a minor door lock repair if we already have a dismantled lock in our hands. With that said, if we see an internal issue with your locks as we rekey them, we'll just go ahead and fix it at no additional charge. And, for good measure, if the lock is beyond repair and it's recommended you have it replaced, you're not charged for the diagnosis, nor the fee to rekey the new door lock we install! Here at our locksmith service, we firmly believe in putting people before profit.  

No Minimum Fee & Several Discount Options

Some locksmiths believe that you should pay for a minimum number of locks to rekey, whether you have that many locks or not. We simply don't subscribe to that practice. Whether you have one lock or fifty locks, we appreciate your business and we always want it to show. Have just one lock to rekey? Well, then you only get charged for one lock. It's simple math, really. We have no minimum requirements. In fact, quite the opposite, we offer a wide array of locksmith service discounts. From our "Superhero" discount for all first responders, military personnel, and those in the medical field - to our Property Manager & Realtor's Rekey discount, to our Preferred Vendor discount, to our -- Well, you get the idea.  


Your neighbors think we're awesome! We hope you'll love us too! Here are some of our online reviews specific to our rekey services that we are particularly fond of...

Google Maps"Amir was a pleasure to work with! I called him about 2 of my office locations. He completed both jobs quickly, kept me informed throughout the whole process, and even discounted the price when it turned out to be more work than he had originally thought. Highly recommend!" Cindy Southward

YelpAmir was great! He arrived at my property within 30 mins of contacting him to Re-key the front and back doors.  He was so fast and price so fair, that I decided to have him rekey my other rental located just two blocks away.  I highly recommend him if you need a fair, honest locksmith. Fast, reliable, good prices... great value.  I will hire him again.  Thanks Amir! - J S.


NextdoorI used Foxhound Locksmith today and was very happy with the service and pricing. The work was done professionally and Amir did a security walk through of our property with us. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Foxhound Locksmith! - Michael V.

Thumbtack: The locksmith was very professional, informative, and performed very quickly. We are beyond satisfied. We will definitely use his service for all of our lock related needs in the future!! - Dorothy R. 

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