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Someone holding out a set of car keys.

LaFayette residents have ranked Foxhound Locksmith as the best locksmith serving Lafayette, GA. That is in no small part due to our accumulated 5-Star reviews on Google and Yelp. You'll note that everyone says the same thing when it comes to our service. They love our fast response, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service. 

Foxhound Locksmith is a 24/7 locksmith. We are putting an end to LaFayette, GA dependency on locksmiths far into Chattanooga and Dalton. Long wait times and higher service call fees used to be the norm for LaFayette customers. But, that's come to an end now that Foxhound Locksmith is here. We understand that, when you're locked out of your house or locked your keys in your car, you're already stressed and inconvenienced. Our goal is to get you back on the road or in your house fast, and at an affordable rate to help ease that inconvenience as best we can. 

We can assist with residential locksmith and commercial locksmith needs. That includes lockouts, rekey door locks, install new door locks in your home or business, and more! And yes, no matter the service request, we aim to respond just as quickly no matter the time of day. 

Foxhound Locksmith is committed to providing professional locksmith services 24/7. All of our locksmith services come coupled with a full 90 day warranty and our Best Price Guarantee.

Locked Out?

We Are Swift Like A Fox!

If you live in LaFayette and have ever had the unfortunate experience of being locked out of your house or locking your keys in your car, you know what hardships Lafayette, GA residents face when they need a locksmith fast. Make that doubly bad for those who get locked out after hours.

Located just at the city limits of Ringgold neighboring Fort Oglethorpe, Foxhound Locksmith is the closest locksmith to LaFayette, GA. Better still, LaFayette is part of our core service area, so we are ending LaFayette's dependency on locksmiths far out in Chattanooga and Dalton. That means no more expensive locksmith service call fees and rate hikes! And, we back that up with our unrivaled Best Price Guarantee! 

24 Hour Locksmith

Requiring locksmith service after hours can leave you feeling helpless if you live in LaFayette, GA. With a very short list of locksmiths that will serve LaFayette after 8pm, those locksmith services that do operate for 24 hours may price gouge to take advantage of the situation. This is why our Best Price Guarantee was born!

Foxhound Locksmith operates 24 hours of every day. Whether it’s a weekday, weekend or holiday, we are available to help our customers day and night. And not only do you not have to worry about price gouging anymore, but we also guarantee we will have the best rate you’ll find for whatever your need after hours! 

Commercial Locksmith for LaFayette, GA

A true story from the owner...


I arrived at a LaFayette bakery to rekey their commercial locks as ordered. When I was done, the owner asked me to visit an insurance office across the street. The insurance office needed their locks repaired and were shocked at how swift and affordable our locksmith service was. When that lock was repaired, we were told to do some lock repair work for the neighbor next door. This went on until we provided a total of five unrelated commercial locksmith services! When asked, the owners revealed they have been dependent on Chattanooga locksmiths until now, and were enjoying our affordable rates, demeanor and speed. 

If you own or manage a business in LaFayette, GA, we hope you’ll give Foxhound Locksmith the opportunity to wow you too!  

The Best Locksmith Service. Period!

Foxhound Locksmith has a unique business model that allows us to cut costs, provide consistent quality craftsmanship, arrive quickly,  provide a full 90 day warranty for both parts and labor, and all this is backed by our Price Match Guarantee! We built this business from the ground up to make your decision a no-brainer. So, why are you still reading about us? Call now and let us know how we can help you with all of your lock and key needs! 


Whether you're locked out of your car, truck, home or business, no one beats the Fox! 


Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services backed by our full 90 day warranty.


Save money! Keep your existing home or business locks, and we'll give you a new set of keys! 

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