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Door Lock Installation

Residential & Commercial

Lock Installation Services

Whether you need to change the door locks in your home or you have a newly constructed facility that requires new high security locks to be installed, we have you covered. 

Below is just a brief overview of our lock installation services on offer.

A new door knob and deadbolt on a door.

Residential Door Lock Installation Services

Our meticulous and thorough nature has made Foxhound Locksmith the go-to locksmith for residential door lock installations. And, with our Price Match Guarantee and a free rekey with every lock installed, it's a no-brainer for most! We even offer substantial discounts for realtors and property management companies to help eliminate low quality lock installs by unlicensed and self-taught handymen.   

Whether you need to replace your existing door locks or have new locks installed in a new home, Foxhound Locksmith is available 24/7 to meet your needs. We work with all major residential lock brands such as Kwikset, Schlage, Callan, Defiant, Gatehouse, and many more. 


Don't get stuck with a door you need to push or pull to lock up. This is one of the several signs a lock was installed poorly. If you need to install a new deadbolt or door knob, it's important to get it done right by a professional locksmith.

Commercial Door Lock Installation Services

There's a reason why Foxhound Locksmith is heavily sought after by local businesses and major franchises alike when it comes to the installation of commercial locks. While we offer a full 90 day warranty that covers both parts and labor fully, we also understand that having to call any locksmith back is a major inconvenience that will likely cost the business time and money. We at Foxhound Locksmith believe a commercial lock installation should be done right the very first time. What's more, we also do a thorough walk through and test of your existing locks to help you prevent future issues with advisement and a recommended plan of action.

Most locksmiths will not provide commercial services after-hours. But here, we understand that not all businesses were created equal. When a lock breaks at closing time or an unfortunate event occurs overnight, you want to know there's a 24/7 commercial locksmith who can come and get a commercial lock replaced at any time, day or night. 

When it comes to commercial lock installations, you are dealing with complex lock systems that require precision and attention to detail, and that's exactly what Foxhound Locksmith provides. We work with all lock types and brands, including but not limited to: Schlage, Tel, Push Bars, Commercial Levers, Commercial Deadbolts, Positive Locks, Keypads, and much much more!  

We also provide invoicing with net30 terms for established clients and accept Comcheks for those in the freight and trucking industries. What's more, we are fully insured, and all of our worked comes backed by our full 90 day parts and labor warranty. 

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