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Whether you need to re-key the locks in your home, change the door locks for your business or you are locked out of your home, Foxhound Locksmith has your back!

We are the first ever customer-centric locksmith service for Rossville, Georgia! What does that mean? It means we put people before profit, and it shows! Not just by being friendly and transparent with our customers on site, but also through protections we have in place for people who choose our locksmith service over our competitors: Like our full 90 day warranty and Price Match Guarantee. We even maintain and perform simple lock repairs on locks we are re-keying free of charge!

Locksmith Near Rossville

People in Rossville, GA are quickly finding out that Foxhound Locksmith is the fastest responding 24 hour locksmith for the Rossville area. Because we operate 24/7, we are putting an end to folks in Rossville calling in locksmiths from deep in Chattanooga and Dalton for their locksmith needs. Long wait times and higher service call fees used to be the norm for the Rossville area, especially during after hours or on Saturdays and Sundays. Due to our location bordering Fort Oglethorpe and Ringgold, our response time for Rossville, GA is lightning fast! 

When you call Foxhound Locksmith, you are speaking directly to the locksmith who will come out to serve you. We can change your locks and rekey them as well. Our fast response is not exclusive to people locked out either. All of our services, including our residential and commercial locksmith services benefit from our focus on efficiency and speed, and never sacrificing the quality of our work!

We offer a full range of locksmith services, and our prices aren't just considered competitive for Georgia and Tennessee; our prices are considered well below the national average for the entire country!  Foxhound Locksmith offers an unrivaled Best Price Guarantee and a 90 full day warranty! We are committed to providing professional locksmith services 24 hours a day, even on holidays! 

Rossville Lock & Key Service

You may think otherwise when seeing our locksmith company is based in Ringgold. But, Foxhound Locksmith is actually right off of Battlefield pkwy just outside of Fort Oglethorpe. This makes us the closest locksmith to Rossville, GA!

When it comes to locksmith service, proximity is an important factor. The most popular search term for a local locksmith is “Locksmith Near Me”, and this is because many locksmiths tend to charge for the distance traveled and prioritize customers close to their location. Foxhound Locksmith charges flat rates and provides accurate arival times and estimates over the phone.

24 Hour Rossville Locksmith

Foxhound Locksmith provides 24 hour emergency locksmith services to Rossville residents. Whether your keys are locked in your car or you are locked out of your home or business, you can count on the the Fox to get there fast!


Being a 24 lock and key service also affords those with unique scheduling needs to book us to provide residential or commercial locksmith services after hours. Want to get those door locked re-key’d after you get home from work? No problem! Give us a call day or night, weekend or holiday, rain or shine, and we’ll be there in a flash! 

The Best Locksmith Near Rossville. Period!

It’s important to trust the locksmith you’re working with. This is why Foxhound Locksmith provides over the phone estimates in advance, and transparency on site as we perform work. You know exactly what we are doing and why, and we are always accurate and communicative when it comes to estimated arrive times. All of this is to ensure you feel comfortable and confident using our locksmith service. We know there are plenty of choices out there, and we want to make sure you come out thinking we were the best choice.

Still apprehensive? We encourage all of our clients to share their experiences with our locksmith service through online reviews. The verdict? Have a look for yourself here. We are the best rated locksmith serving Rossville, GA!

A key is inserted in an open door.



Whether you're locked out of your car, truck, home or business, no one beats the Fox! 


Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services backed by our full 90 day warranty.


Save money! Keep your existing home or business locks, and we'll give you a new set of keys! 

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